New Sight Word Readers


This series of Sight Word Readers are created to build upon each other, however, they can be used individually.

I created these readers using Fry's first 25 sight words and visual picture cues. I wanted to teach my daughter to read sight words in an enjoyable way. I wanted her to learn and use the words in context rather than memorizing the words in isolation or in a list format.

Fry’s Sight Word Lists were compiled by Dr. Edmond Fry and they are a more recent sight word list than the Dolch Sight words. According to Dr. Fry, the first 25 of his sight words make up 1/3 of the text we read.

It is recommended that readers practice the words on Fry’s list in meaningful context through sentence reading and phrase practice.

MORE to be released soon!

The FIRST Sight Word Reader in the series is finished and ready to download.

Download a FREE copy of the 1st Reader soon!

Teach your child Sight Words
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