Gamification in the Gifted Resource Classroom

This year in my gifted resource class I've decided to try something new and hopefully engaging to my students. I have been reading up on gamification in the classroom. This does not mean playing games, but instead turning your units, lessons, and/or classroom into a game. I have decided on a Castle/Medieval Theme. At the end of the 2018-2019 school year, my students helped me to come up with some engaging game elements, since I am not a Gamer. My goal is to fully implement the game when we return back to school in August. I worked all summer to create what I will need in order to begin to Gamify my classroom. One of the best resources I have found is Michael Matera's book "Explore Like A Pirate." He also has a website, youtube channel, and podcast that have been extremely helpful to me.

Hallenger Game Map:

Our country is called Hallenger. Within the country are special places the players will travel to complete quests.

(Map created using Worldspinner)

The Storyline:

Each Class will have their own storyline centered around a Medieval/Castle Theme: (I teach combined classes).

1st: The Queen's Ransom

2nd: The Queen's Revenge

3rd/4th: The Dark Force

5th/6th: The King's Revenge


Houses and Paths 

Each Grade Level will be a "House" and will try to beat the other "houses"/grade levels.

First and second grades game will run a little different than third through sixth grades.

1st/2nd Grades:

Students will start the year out learning about Beekeeping so their paths are all based around a bee theme which will help them learn the content.

Each student will begin their journey by answering questions which will lead them to one of the 10 paths which are H2O, Nurse, Sticky Agent, Queen's Attendant, Undertaker, Builder, Collections, Guard, Exterminator, and Fix-It Fellow.

Students will then be grouped into one of five guilds based on their path.

The first and second graders will be introduced to playing the game by earning cards as they complete quests. There are two separate stacks of cards they will be able to choose from: Leadership Cards and Item Cards. The Leadership Cards will consist of classroom jobs. The Item cards will be collected and grouped together in order to create an advantage card which can be used in quests and battles. In addition, students will earn badges for learning how to play chess and leveling up in the game. I created custom cards using mtgcardsmith.


Third grade and up:

Students will choose a character card with a photo of their avatar and name. They will then pick a career card from a pile. The career card will tell them their guild.

Each guild has advantages and disadvantages, as well as unique rewards. Students will earn badges for each level they complete and for classroom accolades.


Guilds: Students from each House (class) will be placed into one of 5 guilds. The Guilds will earn points to be posted on our Leaderboard!


The 5 Guild's:

Audentes- Confidence and Creativity

Fidum- Dependability and Enthusiasm

Conatus- Focus and Effort

Misericordia- Empathy and Initiative


Each guild will work together to complete quests. There will also be side quests that students can choose to do in order to earn extra rewards. (Coat of Arms created using



Battles are Class VS Boss. Students will compete in Battles to fight a Boss. They will bring their BP (battle points) that they have earned in order to help them defeat the Boss. Each incorrect answer will result in the loss of an item. Students will earn XP for fighting the Boss if they are successful.

Jousts are Player VS Player. Joust tournaments will be set up during certain times. A joust will consist of questions on a predetermined topic. The winning player will earn the losing player's items that the player has brought to the joust.



Items can be earned by players by leveling up, completing a quest, or completing a side quest. There are also items that will allow a player to purchase them with their earned gp (gold pieces).

XP (eXperience Points)

Students earn XP (experience points) as they complete quests and side quests which will allow them to power up and place on the leaderboard.

GP (gold pieces)

Players in 3rd - 6th grades can earn gp (gold pieces) for a variety of reasons such as by completing levels, completing side quests, and receiving mystery cards. The students had to earn 30XP to purchase a money pouch (card and an actual pouch I purchased on Amazon- similar to these) before they could start earning their gold pieces. 5th and 6th graders created gold pieces using Tinkercad. The best were chosen and 3D printed using our MakerBot. I then spray painted them gold. They came out AMAZING!

Health Points (HP)

Students will begin with 1-3 HP's and can earn more throughout the game. These help during battles.